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Isla Soana



The experience begins when one of our bus picks you up at your hotel and take yuu to the meeting point.
➫ Tourist Guide.
➫ Certified Driver.
➫ Air-conditioned bus.
➫ Technical Stop (Only if someone requires to use bathrooms).



Unlike other services, we have a private boat area and a personalized area in shared services. We avoid the public area and the 1 hour and 15 minute wait like other services.
➫ Boat to the Island.
➫ Good Music.
➫ Drinks.
➫ Animation Staff.

Saona Island


Private area, not the annoying boats full of people constantly arriving.
We guarantee security and exclusivity, guaranteeing most time on the Island.
➫ Open bar: Beers, Rum, Normal Coca Cola, Diet Coca Cola, Sprite, Water. for ➫ Buffet lunch: Chicken, Pork, Fish (grilled) types of rice, pasta, salads, fruits, vegetables.

Natural Swimming Pool


An area of ​​more than 7 kilometers just 1.5 meters deep where multiple famous movies have been shot.
➫ Good Music.
➫ Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages.
➫ Enjoy Time.
Warning: DO NOT TOUCH THE STARS FISH We are not participants in the extermination and predation of these defenseless marine species.



To the rhythm of good music, animation, dances and drinks, we make the experience in our return boats a remarkable experience. We suggest watching the first part of the video: Watch Video.
➫ Animation.
➫ Good Music.
➫ Bathrooms of Services.
➫ Open bar: Beers, Rum, Normal Coca Cola, Diet Coca Cola, Sprite, Water.

Saona Island: What you should know before booking

Saona Island as a national park, everyone can go on their own, a fact that is verified once you arrive at the airport where you will find tickets to this national park for up to $55 dollars and sometimes free if you participate in a timeshare presentation or vacation membership.
As a national park, access is free, you simply pay the admission tax. You will be able to check it once you are in your hotel or place of stay since you will find prices from $55 to $65 dollars depending on the public area you visit.
This public service offers: transportation to Bayahibe (the town where you embark to Isla Saona), boat to the public area, a place to have lunch and buy drinks, catamaran with party-type drinks, natural pool, WARNING: DO NOT TOUCH THE STARS OF SEA IS ILLEGAL.

10 questions you should ask yourself before booking Saona Island

1- At what time do you pick me up from the hotel or place of stay?
2- What time do we arrive in Bayahibe?
3- How long do we have to wait in Bayahibe for a boat (speedboat) to take us to the Island?
4- How long exactly did you spend on the Island?
5- With how many people will I queue for lunch (time that is subtracted from the short moment on the island)?
6- What will I get for lunch and drinks?
7- Do you guarantee beach chairs for everyone who goes?
8- How many boats will there be or will be constantly arriving at the area where we will be?
9- Do you offer contact with starfish (If so, report it as it is a bad illegal practice, the stars die when you take them out of the water and/or touch them)?
10- At what time will I be at my hotel or place of lodging (with this you will know if it will be worth the time you will be in the area of ​​the Island by relating the hours of travel to said place)?

What does Yaky Travel offer as an experience in Saona Island?

Yaky Travel's Saona Island activity has 3 modalities and each of these includes:
1- Tour Guide.
2- Qualified Driver.
3- Air-conditioned bus.
4- Technical Stop (Only when a break to go to the bathroom is necessary). 5- Unlike people who offer excursions, we are a Tour Operator that has a private area and dock for private groups and a personalized area in shared services. We avoid the public area and the wait of 1 hour and 15 minutes as in other services.
6- Boat to the Island (Merengue music, drinks and entertainment staff).
7- On the Island: We guarantee security and exclusivity in a beautiful stretch of beach away from the hustle and bustle of the boats that arrive. . We'll make sure you get the most time on the island (3 hours average time).
8- Open Bar with: Beers, Rum, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Sprite, Water.
9- Buffet Lunch with: Chicken, Pork, Grilled Fish, Rice, Pasta, Salads, Fruits, Vegetables.
10- Reserved areas, availability of beach chairs, not the annoying boats. Please watch the following video: HERE
11- Take a dip in the natural pool of the Dominican Republic with more than 4 miles of crystal clear waters a little over 4 feet deep. Merengue music, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, time to swim and relax. *Warning: DO NOT TOUCH THE STARFISH. It is prohibited. Do not be part of the predation of these beautiful and interesting marine animals.
12- The Boat: Sail to the Caribbean rhythm of music, dance and merengue drinks, we make the experience on our boat extraordinary. Memorable experience! Good music, restrooms on board, Open bar with Beers, Rum, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Water.

Our modalities

Each of the modalities includes: Access to buffet, open bar, grill, enjoyment area in our spaces.

$130 VIP

It includes:
➫ Lobsters (1- P/Person).
➫ Champagne glasses.
➫ Wine glasses (white and red).
➫ Pina Coladas (1- P/Couple).
➫ Water Coconuts.
➫ Reserved Table.
➫ Exclusive area.
➫ Distinctive Services.

Book the Tour
From 0 to 2 years free.
From 3 to 12 years $80.

$88 Exclusive

➫ Private Area.
➫ Buffet in Private Area.
➫ Table.
➫ Cocos de Agua.
If you want to have a lunch, table and area separate from the others, this is your experience.

Book the Tour
From 0 to 2 years free.
From 3 to 12 years half price.

$78 Personalized

➫ Enjoy in Our Area
➫ Typical Dominican Buffet.
➫ Access to the Bar (Open Bar).
Enjoy the pleasant experience of knowing the exclusive area of Yaky Travel on Saona Island.

Book the Tour
From 0 to 2 years free.
From 3 to 12 years half price.

Additional to each modality $15 Submarine

Includes additional:
➫ Catamaran roundtrip
➫ Experience in Semisubmarine.
➫ Snorkel equipment.
➫ Snorkel time.

$55 Public

The same service acquired on the beaches, informal vendors or through social networks, etc. With the difference that one of our buses will pick you up to guarantee you carry out the activity.
➫ Speedboat.
➫ An hour and a half on the Island.
➫ Natural Pool.
➫ Catamaran.


Your Private Tour

Give yourself the opportunity to just be you and your family
Quote your private tour

❯ Speedboat capacity 8 pax.
❯ Speedboat capacity 22 pax.
❯ Snorkel and snorkel equipment.

❯ Motomaran 2 levels capacity 45 pax.
❯ Snorkel and snorkel equipment.
❯ Exclusively private dock.

What you need to know...?

⟐ Each of the modalities include: Transportation, lunch, open bar, natural pool and boats with their respective amenities.
⟐ Exclusive rates and services for groups and LDS members.
⟐ For groups and weddings please contact us.
⟐ The type of boat changes depending on the weather conditions.
⟐ The order of the activity may vary.
⟐ Please notify if there are infants or elderly people.
⟐ Pregnant women cannot do this activity.
⟐ People with disabilities cannot carry out this activity.
⟐ The sightings of: Mermaids, Flying Dolphins, The Pirates of the Caribs and others will depend on your alcohol level.


Yakayra Fulgencio | Sales manager.

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